Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ok, so I've been busy
Ok, not real busy well kind of
Cooking, eating, drinking beer and stuff mostly involving bacon

but today is a special day July 4th
not just a day off or fireworks BBQ and picnics
This is the Day       We The People of America became Americans
We had to fight for our freedoms, many died for the freedoms we take for granted.
and sadly in this world we must continue to fight and die for our freedoms.
and to those in our military and all that keep us safe in our homes
I Thank You!

I suggest we all enjoy the day and thanks those around us who keep us safe
give them some  bacon, buy them a beer or just say 'Thanks'

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ok I'm Back or should I say Bac-on track

OK not to dwell got busy and such
but I am back with a vengeance
and to celebrate my return to my blog
I started my day with the ultimate bacon Breakfast

Strong Coffee cream & sugar
Eyes now fully open we begin to assemble

First we need a Bacon Bloody Mary
Yes  Bacon Vodka  bloody mary
run it thru the garden and garnish with a Bacon Strip
better fry some bacon
Man that's good

Lots of things to cook
Lets fry some Bacon and Spam with Bacon

Belgium Waffles with Bacon
Lets make the waffle batter
follow the waffle mix directions
with these exceptions
add Cinnamon Sugar to the mix
Use Belgium Ale instead of water
and off course Bacon bits in the mix

Next a Spam and cheese omelet
Yes take the fried Spam with Bacon
Cube it up and put it in the Omelet
You know how to make an Omelet Right
if not see Alton Brown Good Eats
that guy can teach you how

Serve it up on a platter with some extra bacon strips
and the extra Spam with Bacon
Oh don't forget to use the Bacon Syrup cut it with some Maple syrup
You have to have Syrup on the Waffles

Serve with coffee and the Bacon Bloody Mary

Let me tell you WOW Bacony Delicious
I ate it and took a nap

Now for the important stuff
According to the Mayans
the world ends in DDecember
That mean only one thing
Enjoy Life-Eat Bacon

More to follow thank you for your patience

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Let Us Pause

On this solemn day let us take a moment or more to reflect and pray for ourselves and the thousands of souls that were ripped away in a horrific twisted perversion of ideology 10 years ago this very day.

Sadly it is the small minds of zealots that twist words and minds of others for their own power hungry self serving goals.  This is the true travesty  of our time.  This is what is preventing mankind from achieving greatness.  These zealots are worst of man and are filled with evil.  Tho they may claim to speak the word of their god and have our best interests they twist it for their own perversions. They do us no good only harm. 

We must always strive to Think freely, Act justly, and Be true our souls.

May the Lord grant peace to the friends and families of those who were taken.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

What is going ON!!!

Ok, So I do a lot of driving for my job.
I have come to terms with people not paying attention because they are
Talking on the phone
Reading the paper
Even working on there laptop (I couldn't believe it either if I didn't see it)
Never a cop when you need one.

But, I have noticed a new trend
It appears that BMW's, Mercedes' and Jaguar's do NOT have turn singles.
In the past 2 weeks I have counted (once I noticed the trend) 15 times these car owners not using their turn signals.  All this in heavy traffic usually cutting someone off.
Since these are imported cars maybe they don't have turn signals.

So the other day I stopped of briefly at a local BMW dealer.
While looking at a car and sitting in it I asked the salesperson "what is this little stick for?"
His reply "Oh that's the turn signal"
I ask "Is that standard or an upgraded option for the car?"
He says "No that's standard on all cars"
I thanked him and went on my errands.

So, In actuality a seemingly large group of  BMW's, Mercedes' and Jaguar's owners
are simply...Self-centered, Rude, oblivious to those around them, A,B and C -holes.
I could go on but I'm sure some owners of these cars are actually decent people.

As for the jerks.. I think their sense of self is simple lacking BACON.
BACON, it makes you feel good, It anchors you to the real world.
It calms your soul, and can help you focus on whats really important.
And if you eat bacon while driving it will calm road rage.
I mean really how angry can you be if you eating Bacon.
I do not recommend cooking bacon while driving. Make it at home and take it with you.

I bet you thought I couldn't work bacon into this rant, Did you?

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Summertime Garden Goodness

Ahhh summertime
Family, Freinds, and Goodtimes
Gardens and fresh fruit and veg.
They scream for BACON
Lets be honest homegrown or good farm stand tomatoes Scream BLT
Sure, it's a classic and definitely delicious in a pure and simple way.....
But, What if............
We take good Italian bread (Gonnella) sliced a bit thin
and make garlic bread with it...
then put the Bacon on that.........
And used fresh Basil instead of lettuce...
Fresh Tomatoes with a bit of course salt
and Fresh Mozzerlla Cheese with some cracked black pepper
And a hint of balsamic vinegar
Delicioso  a GBBMT
(Garlic Bacon Basil Mozzerlla & Tomato)

OK How about some other fun things to add to a Standard BLT
I like thin sliced Onions
More Bacon

What do you like to add
Sound Off an what you like
I want to here from you
Thanks and enjoy

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Milwaukee Not Just America's Dairy Land

As with all good things in life sometimes you have to travel.
Brew Pubs, Brewery's, Gastro-Pubs, Purveyors of Porky Goodness and Such.
Always worth the trip.
Remember life is a journey....NO not the band Journey...Like walking a path to enlightenment. 
You can't get to enlightenment without BACON.
So while on a recent trip (See Pub Crawl) with a great friend to the Cream city (2 rashers of bacon to the first person who can tell me why Milwaukee is called that)
We started at the Milwaukee Brewing Co. Very good beer, good food, very nice staff and the locals were super helpful.
Remeber always chat up the locals for the very best a town has to offer.
We were searching for a gastro-brewpub in the neighborhood and could not find it.
But with some help we were on our way.

Welcome to the Hinterland 
And yes if your anywhere near Milwaukee you have to go there.
We get there as they are opening and sit at the bar.
Dan the bartender was very knowledgeable about there beer and food.
Which is very good with a good selection of solidly made beer.
OK just for the record I am a home brewer and my friend was a Professional Brewer.
NO not the baseball team...making beer...the elixir of gods.
I will leave the serious  beer critiques to him.  Back to the porky goodness.
Hinterland's menu changes daily. 
Which gave us some concern because we heard they had PORK BELLY & Pigs Cheek.
Spoiler  yes we were able to get both.
We started with Pork Rillette.    

"Rillettes is a preparation of meat similar to pâté. Originally made with pork, the meat is cubed or chopped, salted heavily and cooked slowly in fat until it is tender enough to be easily shredded, and then cooled with enough of the fat to form a paste. They are normally used as spread on bread or toast and served at room temperature. "  
Thank You Wikipedia 

DELI COUS, WOW, You have to try this.

Next, we had a Homemade Smoked Hungarian Sausage with Potato Hash.
We added Bacon as garnish to this dish.  Highly recommended.

This too was Awesome... and surprise of surprises there was Pork belly in the hash.
Seriously Good eating.  We could have eaten 2 or 3 of these they were so good.
And yes he cures and smokes his own bacon...Delicate and tender with gentle tones of smoke... a true delight.

At this point we meet the chef as he comes to the bar.
Chef Dan Van Rite,  who, no offence bears a slight resemblence to Chuck Norris.
We are talking all thing Smoking and bacon ......

He then send out a Homemade Brined / Pickled Sausage
Sorry forgot to take a picture.
It was wonderfull.  It was cool and spicy with bright flavors perfect for the summer.
Not heavy like you would think.

We are then treated to a tour of the kitchen to see his modified smoker.
Man he has some super cool toys.  But the solution to a problem he had is pure creativity.

Behold the soupcan soldering iron smoker.
And Chef Dan Van Rite.
See I told you he kinda looks like Mr Norris.
Chef Dan is defantly working the cutting edge of culinary exploration.
When We say Gastropub Think this guy.
He is passionate about his food.  You can see that in him and his staff.
By the way a top notch staff, they are as professional as he is.
By the way did I mention  He is a James Beard Nominee.

The next item on our plate was the Pig Cheek.  Hey relax the only part of the pig you cant eat is the "OINK"
To be accurate Apple Cider Braised Pork Cheek with Apple Slaw and horseradish emuslion.

Simpley put it was tender, flavorful and delecious.
Almost forgot to take a picture of this. 
It smelled so good we couldn't wait.

Sadly the only pork product we did not eat was the 1/2 slab of ribs.  They sill had some time to cook and we had seveal more pubs to hit. 
I Guarntee I will be back. This place is pork-a-rifik.
Oh and the non pork menu is OUTSTANDING... Well Worth The Trip...

On with our trip
We visited Water Street Brewing....OK Beer....Inattentive staff.
Rock Bottom Brewing    Good solid beers. Good Food, Great Staff.
It was here from a local we got a lead for a Belgium Pub.  And so the hunt was ON.

We found it Cafe Benelux    WOW what a way to end the eveing
Siting on the second floor balcony drinking amazing Belgium Ales and eating mussels.
I want to come here for brunch.

Next, Trip to Milwaukee must Include  Hinterland, Benelux, The Public Maket, The Wicked Hop, Lakefront Brewing.
DO NOT Confuse this place with Water Street,  Lakefront makes Great Beer.  
And where ever a good lead takes us.

Legal stuff.  The opinions in this blog are mine.  I have linked to the websites of the places I liked so you can find them eaiser.  If anybody has a problem with that...send me a note.  thank you

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Steak and Bacon

So last week I was out to dinner with the family
Dining at Lonestar Steakhouse and it came to my attention
That the only steak with BACON is the Fillet Mignon
now why is only the 6oz fillet wrapped in bacon
Really I could eat two of those.
Why not wrap the Rib eye or T-bone in bacon
Why discriminate against the bigger steak. and bigger steak eater
Hey we love bacon.
So I challenge every steak joint to put bacon on the bigger steaks
Hey if you cant figure it out you know I will............

For the record the steak I had was wonderfully, the service was great and
I did have the White Cheddar Mac & Cheese with bacon ....Delicious!